Just released to be downloaded automatically to your media library

Local Copy

No need to stream over the Internet.  Stream or download from local media server. Solving the high Internet (WAN). 

Download Automatically

Set it and for get it.  Choose the libraries you want to have downloaded and new content automatically.


Automatically sync media to other local media servers. Set it and forget it.


RSS Feed, Facebook and Pinterest.


Jump right in and explore.


Got ideas for something new.  Let us know.

Get Involved

Share your talents of all kinds. If you would like to contribute to the library let us know.


If you would like to help in development let us know.  We will set you up.


Missing a video or any feedback you would like to share.  Use the form below.


Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server

Along with the Meetinghouse Library Client

Roku Media Player

Roku Media Player

BitTorrent Sync

BitTorrent Sync

Use your current wifi

Build a Media Server

Church Meetinghouse, Office, Home, NAS, Mobile Storage, Removable Storage, USB

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