About Meetinghouse Library

How it all started


  • Supported a web interface
  • Support remote control. Webmin and Teamviewer.
  • Supported standard network shares. Samba
  • Users were not required to own a media device.
  • It was no cost to use it.
  • Just check out a media cart with a TV and media player that would connect to the media server with everything needed for your lesson.
  • Have a way to see if the media is on the media server and where is it located from anywhere with Internet connection.
  • The Librarians or Technologies Specialists set it up and do not have to maintain it on a regular basis.
  • Store your media where you wanted to.
  • Keep everything as simple as possible.
  • Run on multiple platforms.
  • A streamline solution.
  • Could use it Church, Home, Work anywhere we can.
  • Didn’t cost anything for the user.
  • Worked on multiple devices.
  • Set it up and forget it.  Just run your normal system updates.


Those that have help on this project.

Nathan Sharp
Lisa Wariner
Charles Glancy

James Murtha
David Wariner
Paul Whiting

Ross Nelson
Brad Wariner

Mike Houston
Victoria Wariner


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