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http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mo… – Jesus Christ is the bread of eternal life. By following Him, remembering Him, and having faith in Him we can change and become what we aspire to become. (Part 3 of 3)

(Voice of Elder D. Todd Christofferson) The bread of eternal life, the core substance that we need to become what we aspire to become, is in the person of Jesus Christ. His Atonement, His suffering for sin, and the resultant capacity to extend mercy, He can heal and forgiven and cleanse anything. I don’t think everyone realizes that when we do sin, when we turn away from God, it does something in us, and when we repent and turn to Him, that affect in us is taken away. With His Atonement we become different people then we would be without it and its power is infinite, truly infinite and can reach down and sanctify and make holy, to the uttermost, any soul.

There’s a purpose in life far beyond living comfortably; the bread we receive is to enable us to act and to help and to serve. Not only are we helping but we’re being blessed and helped and changed. We’re not transformed, as you know, overnight, these things come in process of time; changes are incremental and people don’t see them until they look back and see where they are as opposed to where they were. Just as I learned not to expect immediate deliverance from a problem, He’s also saying “”I’m patient with your progress, I’ll just help you along day by day”” and all of that truly does add up to dramatic change, an eternal difference. When the Isrealites finally did cross the Jordan into their promised land, they were expected by God to remember Him, to think of Him, to look to Him, to have faith in Him.

As we turn to Him each day and remember Him each day, we come to know by experience that He’s real and that He does care about and love us and minister to us, just as He did the ancient Israelites because He is the Bread of Life.

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