Meetinghouse Library Client

These are the files you will need to run on your media server, desktop, laptop anything that has Java 8 installed on it.

All files you need zipped together

Current Release v1.0.3

Individual files

Current Release v1.0.3


Library Manager

Last Release 10/10/2016
This is the master library manager file that is downloaded automatically.  This one is maintained from the server. If you want to subscribe to all released libraries there is no needed adjustments. These files are CSV files that can be opened with programs like Microsoft Excel, Numbers or Open Office.


My Library Manager

Last Release 10/10/2016
Subscribe to the libraries you would like downloaded and updated automatically.  Put this file in your directory where the file library manager is located.  This is used to override what libraries are downloaded and what you would like to subscribed to.  So if you only want Come Follow Me and Mormon Messages then put only those two entries in this file.  A how to will be posted.


Released Libraries

Last Release 06/12/2016
These are the libraries that are downloaded automatically from what is listed in your Library Manager and used to download the media.  If you want to customize what media you want download see My Library Manager section. These are automatically updated as the database is updated.

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