Family History: What I Found

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Joe always loved his grandfather, but he didn’t know some of the most interesting things about him until a mysterious journal entry and a surprising wartime keepsake inspired Joe to learn more.

His grandfather was born 1912 in a tiny North Dakota town. He was a skilled piano player. He loved God, his country, his family, and learning.

“I knew my grandpa as a funny, kind, piano-playing man who always had a toothpick in his mouth and a dozen more in his shirt pocket,” Joe says.

After both of his grandparents passed away, Joe found a photo of them in which his grandfather was holding a pistol. The gun caught Joe’s eye, and his curiosity led him to discover details of his grandfather’s life as a soldier that he never would have known otherwise.

“The more I read, the more I was caught up, overwhelmed with emotion for what my grandfather must have seen and experienced. I had no idea.”

Joe still does not know the story behind the gun, but the connection he felt to his grandfather as he searched for answers is a better treasure than he hoped for.

“I am grateful to know him better—for the chance to strengthen our relationship even after he had passed on.”


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