• One location to update the media information and it will then it will automatically download to all those that subscribed to that library.
  • Subscribe to the libraries you want automatically download to your media server, home network server, Laptop, USB drive.  When new media is added it will automatically download to your location you have set.
  • Set it and forget it.
  • Stream from your local network
  • Almost a Turnkey solution.
  • Renames your existing files to title name. (Videos only)
  • Once library is populated only new files will be downloaded automatically
  • Search the libraries to know where there are stored.
  • Export index file of the libraries.
  • Open-Source everyone can help

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  1. David Porter
    July 28, 2015 @ 5:01 pm

    This is a project I would like to see succeed. I have been looking for something like this for a few years.
    The closest I came to this required iTunes and AppleTVs, but I ran into significant technology limitations and support issues.

    It would be nice if the project produced a localized website, which had links to the locally hosted media.
    This could have the same appearance as the “Resources” and “Videos” menu items on your site.
    There would need to be a method to configure the location of the media.
    This would be because the content could be hosted on a Intranet web server or a file based NAS device.
    This would allow a device that has a web browser and plays MP4 videos be able to be a Turnkey player.
    (Such as many Blu-ray players — most could also play them via DLNA, but the web browser would allow viewing the descriptions.)

    I would like to be able to download just the 720p content. I think I saw that in your list of goals.

    This should help reduce the workload of the Stake Technology Specialists around the world.


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