From Gang Member to “Good Man”

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For Bubba Palmore, growing up was rough. His father was murdered, his stepfather was abusive, and his friends lived a dangerous lifestyle. In spite of it all, he found the path to a life of light and joy through Jesus Christ.

Before he found hope, Bubba struggled with drugs, alcohol, and even suicidal thoughts.

“I felt like the world was closing in on me. … I couldn’t see the light. It was just dark. … No one knew the depth of my hurt other than me.”

After running away from his broken home, he met a family that changed his life. He learned what it meant to feel love, kindness, and compassion.

“I sought to know, ‘What is it that makes you guys so loving, so different?’ They explained to me that it was Jesus Christ.”

Bubba’s story is a beautiful reminder that no matter how far you are from happiness, His grace has the power to lead you back.