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  1. Meetinghouse Library Database – The URL links and information is copied from media library and entered into  Each night all the libraries are updated from the database if any changes were made.
  2. Meetinghouse Library Client – Then Meetinghouse Library Client is installed on your media server, laptop, desktop, USB drive.  It will let you point where you want the media to be stored on a network share, laptop, desktop, USB drive, home network, etc…  This is setup with a scheduler that will run however as often you would like to check for new media to be downloaded or run it as you would like to check for updated libraries.  Also you can subscribe to the libraries you would like in your local library.  This can be installed on each site that you need a media library.
  3. BitTorrent Sync – (Recommended) You also can setup one local site with Meetinghouse Library Client and then use BitTorrent Sync to sync your local libraries to your other local sites.  This will cut down bandwidth being download from media library.
  4. Plex Media Server in each site.  Getting started with Plex.
  5. Roku 3 – for each TV with a Roku player connected to your local wifi and is streamed from your local media server with no Internet needed.  Most the time everyone is complaining that Internet is slow and that is true because the bottle neck is the Internet WAN(Wide Area Network) connection not the local LAN(Local Area Network) and this works because the LAN can handle the local traffic and not having to go over the WAN. Most media players have a buffer built in to compensate for the LAN traffic.  Combined with the LAN and media server you are less likely to loose the buffer you have built up.

This is the current documentation that has been found to be stable and fulfilled the requirements.  There will be documentation added of other alternatives as time permits.


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Sample File Directory

File Directory


Play Video on iPad from a Media Server

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